More interesting subjects in this issue of Barr’s

It’s only a little more than a week to Halloween! I’ve always enjoyed this unofficial holiday and can remember all the fun I had as a child –getting dressed up in my costumes and hitting the neighborhood homes for the great treats. When I was young, Halloween wasn’t as controlled as it is now. When me and my friends got home from school, it was a race to get ready and hit the streets for the CANDY! We’d come home for dinner and head right back out –as I got older we probably were out to about 10 p.m. I think I participated in Halloween candy gathering up until my early teens; but after dinner hours, the older kids were out getting treats. All that has changed as most communities have scheduled “Trick or Treat” hours. In my town, the candy collecting is finished by 7 p.m. How is a kid supposed to see goblins, ghosts and ghouls that early?

It’s still a fun day however, and I love seeing all the cute little kids coming with their treat bags. And the adults can have their parties later, so everyone’s happy!

I am very happy to again see Charles W. Bush in this issue of Barr’s. He has written The Backsider column for many years for Barr’s and this time out, he’s got a very interesting article on the world-famous tenor, Enrico Caruso in this issue. And we’ve also got an informative article by William Judnick on purchasing postcards from Europe. And Susan Brown Nicholson offers up her fun postcards –themed on Halloween!

Upcoming postcard and paper shows include quite a bit of activity for the next few weeks. The Antique Post Cards & Paper Show, sponsored by the Rhode Island Post Card Club takes place on October 28, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 15 Bassett St., in North Providence, Rhode Island. More information is with Russell at (401) 766-1384. This year’s show is at a new location!

The 2018 Langhorne, Pennsylvania Postcard & Paper Show is Oct. 28 at the Sheraton, Bucks County, at 400 Oxford Valley Road in Langhorne. More information and hours for the show are with Mary L. Martin Ltd., at; or at (410) 939-0999

Moving into November, the Space Coast Post Card Show is November 10, 2018 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 3435 Fiske Boulevard in Rockledge, Florida. More information is with Cindy Theilacker at (321) 720-1379, or at

John Stinger, who draws and writes our “Just for Laughs” feature in our sister publication, “Collectors Journal,” has a book, “The Lighter Side of Collecting! I reviewed the book last November, for those who remember. John draws funny cartoons that are focused on antiques collecting. That book is now available on and is priced at $15.95 per copy plus $3.95 shipping. “The Lighter Side of Collecting,” published in 2016, can be also be purchased via e-mail to John at or at The book is published by Tanner Publishing, 55 Thatcher Avenue, Stewartsville, NJ 08886.

Have a wonderful and productive couple of weeks at shows and sales. Please notify us with club and convention news; unusual postcard or ephemera collections; and other related matters at; or at (319) 472-4763.