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Cotton production is a part of the U.S. economy which keeps the economic wheels turning in the right direction.  Only China and India rank higher in terms of cotton output.  Cotton production is a 25 billion dollar industry in the U.S.A. and 40 billion pounds emerge from its farms.

First let me say, “I love books.”  I love to read, I love the smell of the ink on the paper, I love the feel of turning a page as you read.  I love it when an author is especially talented and writes an engaging story but I also love it when a book has an interesting dust jacket.  Sometimes …

A 1935 meeting of the minds created the idea of the New York World's Fair of 1939/40.  The Chicago World's Fair of 1933/34 was still fresh in the minds of the group of New York business men who created the New York World's Fair Corporation.  The corporation made the idea of a World's Fair in…

I received the following via e-mail regarding an article from William Pepe that was featured in the last issue of Barr’s. Thanks to Audrey Madans for taking the time to drop us a letter and thanks to William Pepe for writing the article about the Boston area. ~~Kimberley Mathisen, Editor

Set to feature free film screening, two convening societies and NPM chief curator of philately, Dan Piazza